We encourage
new business ventures yet
we wisely balance the outcomes
We aim to achieve
while uploading of our main value... integrity
Our broad network of connection is the
result of our reputation of professionalism
and market insight


Started in the city of Abu Dhabi; ADIG a holding investment company initially established to offer high potential opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs in the region.

However over the past 12 years the company’s strategic planning has evolved to sharpen external focus on international market and nurture a group of subsidiaries that were capable of strengthening the basis of ADIG as a well-connected and greatly resourceful investment firm. And today with its newly refreshed concept of the interconnected gates ADIG’s identity features countless doors which the company is capable of opening.

ADIG Vision

To redefine the concept of investment, see through unforeseen
potentials and be the synergist to generate value out of them

ADIG Mission

To transform fresh ideas and business ventures into secured prosperous investments. Committed to our most progressive unconventional methods of building synergy, pooling distinct experts, and interconnecting diverse sectors of the organization all for the use and achievement of highest values and returns.