We encourage
new business ventures yet
we wisely balance the outcomes
We aim to achieve
while uploading of our main value... integrity
Our broad network of connection is the
result of our reputation of professionalism
and market insight


We recognize high potentials and invest in them


ADIG has built a network of regional and global connections. As a result of the diversification and the right PR strategies, ADIG was capable of building a strong network of regional and global connections. which pushes the investment process forward in a smooth manner within the right channels redirecting resources into the right tracks


In recognition of the fact that our reputation and future success are dependent upon acting to the highest ethics standards ADIG has made Integrity a focal point in every project and the criteria of the organization’s conduct.

Market Insight

A broad market insight is an essential criterion for success of any investment corporation particularly in the Middle East. Having been an observant eye that could read, forecast and wisely react to the changing business charts in the region. ADIG continues to succeed in recognizing the long-term strategic growth potentials in the market.


Diversity exhibits itself through the culture of ADIG, it reflects on the following levels


Following the demographic pattern of the city of Abu Dhabi in particular and the UAE in general ADIG believes cultural diversity is essential to innovation and growth of the organization The importance of the diverse workforce at ADIG comes from our realization that customers/investors would rather trust a team of expertise specialized in diversified fields where the most rare and challenging opportunities are familiarized and addressed properly by experienced members of the right background.


Diversification is the most important component of reaching long-range financial goals while minimizing risk, creating balance while reducing the effect of downturn in one investment type. ADIG investment activities are are spread across a number of diversified sectors mostly of which exhibit high growth potential. The aim is to maximize return by investing in different areas. The diversity of business sectors is a main factor in ADIG strategy as it allows business channels to cross roads and benefits from the huge network that diversity creates. All that leads back to the core value which ADIG interconnected gate stands for.


The unequal performance of companies in the same industry implies why diversity is a competitive differentiator shifting market share toward more diverse companies. One of ADIG’s strength points is the diverse list of subsidiaries of different industries